VTone feminine rejuvenation aids in the treatment of stress incontinence. Childbirth and hormonal changes, such as estrogen decline, weaken women's pelvic floors and vaginal muscles. As a result, sensitivity during sex is reduced, bladder leakage occurs, and urinary tract infections are more common. Until recently, Kegel exercises were the most common way doctors advised women to strengthen their vaginal muscles, but modern regenerative medicine makes Kegels look like child's play (Kegels are still recommended!). 

 VTone is one of the few FDA-approved nonsurgical treatments for urinary stress incontinence, and the results can be spectacular, eliminating the embarrassing "sneeze n' pee" that so many women experience. VTone, like "super Kegels," provides all of the benefits of a month's worth of regular Kegels in one painless, no-downtime treatment. VTone is unique in that it uses electro stimulation to target weakened and overstretched pelvic floor musculature, resulting in a cascade of deep, firm muscle contractions not possible with simple Kegel exercises. For even better results, combine with other feminine rejuvenation treatments.  

How VTone Works 

A small electro stimulator is inserted just inside the vaginal opening during treatment, causing involuntary muscle contraction. This exercise works on tightening and strengthening the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. 

Your pelvic floor and vaginal muscles, like any other muscle in your body, will respond positively to exercise and training. However, Kegels aren't always strong enough to produce the life-changing results that just 10 sessions of VTone provide in both the bathroom and the bedroom. Think of VTone as your pelvic floor's personal trainer! 

After their series of VTone treatments, most women notice much more reliable bladder control Though a single individual session of VTone works wonders as a women's wellness maintenance treatment, a series of up to 10 weekly sessions is recommended for improved bladder control. 

Pre & Post Treatment Care 

Although no preparation is required for treatment, many women schedule it for when they are not menstruating. There is no recovery with VTone. Results are cumulative and maximum results are felt 1-2 weeks after the last treatment. VTone is generally combined with Morpheus8V or FormaV. 

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