FormaV (formerly known as Votiva) softly stimulates new collagen and blood flow by applying radiofrequency heat to the labia and internal vaginal tissue. Vaginal tissues are firmer and rejuvenated after 3–6 gentle, painless treatments. Additionally, patients report a notable reduction in vaginal dryness. 

Similar to the thin skin around your eyes, on your neck, or on your face, collagen is lost in the vaginal area with aging and hormonal changes. The thin and dry vaginal membranes that result from the loss of collagen cushioning can cause pain or bleeding during sexual activity, a "sandy feeling" or irritated vagina, and a change in the look of the labia. 

The external and internal vaginal tissue is gently heated during a FormaV treatment, which rapidly firms the area. Your body begins to create more collagen in the treated area during the following few weeks. Most women say that their vaginal dryness has almost completely disappeared after three sessions and that their surface has returned to being firmer and healthier. 

Additionally, FormaV helps with labial laxity and urinary incontinence. Our go-to hormone-free remedy for vaginal dryness is FormaV. It works well after menopause, during perimenopause, and even following breast cancer therapy. 

Many women also use FormaV as a treatment to preserve their vaginas appearance and function. A series of treatments increase vaginal moisture and lessen the look of protruding labia. 

How FormaV works 

Topical radiofrequency heat is applied to the interior vaginal walls and external labia using a single-use wand that is about the size of a small tampon. This encourages tissue remodeling and the production of new collagen, allowing the skin to gently expand and contract and producing affects you can feel as well as see.  

FormaV can assist with: 
  • Dryness of the cervix 
  • Vaginal tissue that is loose or stretched (including both after childbirth or due to aging) 
  • "Sandy" vaginal sensation 
  • Intercourse discomfort 
  • Incontinence due to stress 
  • Internal and external vaginal membrane thinning 
  • Reduced vaginal sensitivity 
Pre & Post Treatment Care 

FormaV does not require any prior preparation. It is preferable that you are not menstruating.  Following treatment, you are free to leave and continue your regular activities, including intimate relationships. These treatments stimulate your own body's collagen, which takes time to rebuild, so results appear gradually over the course of 6-12 weeks. 

Some women see immediate results, but the best results come from multiple treatments spaced about a month apart. We recommend that women follow up on their initial results with annual maintenance treatments. 

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